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A single scoop is all you need to enhance any basic beverage. Most prefer to mix with water and drink during their workouts or periods of fasting. Each serving is packed with essential branch chain amino acids to preserve muscle and provide quick hydration.

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    What People Are Saying


    I did a body fat test with and without BCAA’s. I was actually able to gain muscle and lose fat when supplementing with these BCAA’s!

    I can 1,000% tell when I'm consistently taking these BCAA’s. I’m able to work out way more often and don’t feel nearly as sore following tough workouts. Taste is wonderful as well!

    Grant L.
    San Diego, CA

    These are essential for me since I train early in the morning before getting a meal in. I don't want to lose any muscle during my fasted training so I sip on a scoop or two of BCAAs during my workout.

    I use to take another product but it had caffeine added to it and now I just use FLAVR since I am watching my caffeine consumption.

    Tyler W.
    Portland, OR