Our Story

Health is as much a mindset as it is a science. We set out to create great-tasting formulates that maximize every rep and leave you feeling at the top of your game.

You put in the effort, FLAVR is here to kick you into gear and keep you running at your peak. Right now that means pre-workouts that push you further and protein that helps you recover faster.

The beginning

Fresh into our fitness journeys, we knew nothing about anything besides that Monday was chest day and to immediately drink protein post-workout. The first year had a massive learning curve but non protein supplements never crossed our minds.

Trying new things

After stumbling across numerous YouTube videos profiling supplements for improved workouts, faster results, and much more. We decided to start trying products to get more out of our training. It started with pre-workout and amino acids.

exploring the options

We tried dozens of brands that promised improved workouts, faster recovery, and the best flavors. Unfortunately, each product had its downside and we struggled for years to find a brand we could stand behind with pure happiness.

Building the brand
January 2020

After nearly 5 years of trying every major brand online, we still felt lost in a HUGE sea of supplements. We noticed that none of the brands spoke to our core desire to enhance our training experience. Not just from a formula perspective but in the overall experience of training. See, we valued performance most but didn’t want to sacrifice the taste.

FLAVR Inception
February 2020

We knew it was time to shake up a boring industry with false promises and boring flavors. The idea of FLAVR from the beginning was to focus on science backed formulas with flavors that packed a punch (in a good way).

Website goes live
May 2020

After a few months testing dozens of flavors and manufacturers, we landed on our flagship products, pre-workout and whey protein. The site went live and people instantly associated with our mission to provide a new ritual to their fitness routines.

1 year anniversary
May 2021

We celebrate millions of servings sold and happily provide 10,000+ customers with their favorite supplements.

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