How BCAA's helped me LOSE 20 pounds of fat while GAINING 3 pounds of muscle

How BCAA's helped me LOSE 20 pounds of fat while GAINING 3 pounds of muscle

Hi Everyone,


I wanted to share a quick personal story of my experience with BCAA's and why I think everyone should try supplementing with them for at least a month,

In November of 2019, I received my first body fat test via a DEXA scan (most accurate calculation of body fat possible) and I found out I was 22.4% Body Fat!! You can find a highlight of my results here. I was relatively active and thought I was in decent shape but couldn't believe how high that number was. I knew I needed to kick myself into gear.  For reference, you can find what varying levels of BF% look like on males / females

So for the next two months, I went into a cutting phase and followed the Rapid Fat Loss Program Austin created (which is available to FLAVR Flex members) I counted my calories, followed the program exactly, and was able to lose 12 pounds of fat in just 2 months!! That was great but unfortunately, my muscle levels stayed exactly the same.

It was then that I discovered BCAA's. 

BCAAs consist of three essential amino acids: Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. They are considered essential because your body cannot make them on it's own. BCAA's are most important for muscle preservation because they are the only 3 amino acids broken down primarily in the muscle rather than the liver. So how can we use this info for our everyday life in order to gain muscle? See, whenever you are in a calorie deficit (burning more calories than you are eating) your body will either burn fat (good) or muscle (bad). Sipping on BCAA's while at the gym and throughout the day ensures your muscles are well fed at all times so when you go for that run or get an intense HIIT workout in your body wont be taking away from your muscle - it will be reaching into your fat storage only!

By adding in BCAA's to my routine on January 9th I was able to LOSE an additional 7 pounds of fat and GAIN 3 pounds of muscle in less than a month! My weight only dropped by 4 pounds but that's because I actually got STRONGER while eating less. Most people say they want to LOSE WEIGHT when what they really want to do is LOSE FAT. From my personal experience, adding in BCAAs to my daily routine when I was in a calorie deficit has allowed me to consistently build muscle while losing fat! 

For those still reading, I am going to share my complete dexa results here. This is not something I do lightly as it is typically private info but it's important to me you know I'm not full of B.S. November of 2019 was a turning point for me and the results I saw in a few short months is what inspired me to start FLAVR and develop supplements that would help people achieve their goals.

I specially formulated the BCAA's to include clinical dosages of all key Branch Chain Amino's and added Sodium and Potassium to help with hydration! Making it the perfect beverage to sip on while working out or just going about your day. You can view our new Electric Watermelon flavor here!

Rant over. Thanks for listening (again). As always, feel free to comment if you want to chat about your personal goals or anything at all really. I appreciate you all!


- Grant (Co-founder)

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