FLAVR x Amazon

FLAVR x Amazon

Hey FLAVR Fam, Austin here today to drop some big news on our newest partnership with AMAZON. As some of you may know, we launched FLAVR in April 2020 and up until now, Grant and I have hand-packed each order ourselves. We've shipped over 10,000+ customer orders out of our state-of-the-art garage 😂

But in all seriousness, it's been absolutely amazing to see the growth of the FLAVR brand and community in just one year. But in order to really expand, we need to scale our shipping and logistics to the pro level aka AMAZON.

Most of these changes will not impact your regular order habits, if you have a subscription with us or just restocking supplies continue to do so on our website flavrnutrition.com

The other noticeable changes you will see moving forward will be as described below:

We've always prided ourselves on our fast shipping times (roughly 5 days avg.) but with the new Amazon partnership, we unlock 2-day prime shipping for all orders! No, you do not need Amazon Prime to qualify, we got you covered 🤝

Traditionally, all orders have been packed using poly bubble mailers but to avoid any potential issue with damaged goods... we are happy to announce that orders will be packed using eco-friendly boxes (most likely Amazon branded).

Have you ever had a package stolen or lost in the postal service? Well, I have and it's a nightmare to track down. We hope you never have to experience this issue but if you order something from us and the carrier losses the package, we've got your order covered by Amazons Package Protection!

That's it for now, just thought we'd share some exciting updates. If you checked your FLAVR stash recently and are looking a bit low, we'd love for you to restock on our website (you may notice some new items 😉).

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