Fasted Training for Rapid Fat Loss

Fasted Training for Rapid Fat Loss

In this post I’m going to explain an advanced but very simple technique to lose fat rapidly. A lot of people struggle to lose fat, with this technique people can’t help but to lose fat. Although this is a more advanced technique it’s almost impossible not to lose fat fast following this method.

Now to get into the details so you can start shedding those unwanted pounds and get on the right healthy path.

What is fasted training?

Fasted training put simply is doing resistance training or cardio without consuming calories in the prior 8 hours leading up to your training.

Now you must be sitting there thinking there’s no way I can do cardio or resistance training without a pre workout meal. I know it sounds crazy but once you do it a few times you get used to it and some people find out that they have MORE energy while training in a fasted state (I certainly do).

How can I apply fasted training into my life?

Fasted training for the average person is most reasonably applied to your life by training first thing in the morning or right before dinner.

Let’s say you go to bed at 10pm and wake up at 6am. You then train from 6:30-7:30am then eat a post-workout meal and go about your day. Or you eat lunch at noon and train at 6-7pm and then eat your dinner post workout.

These two examples are how I have applied fasted training into my life for rapid fat loss and maximum gains.


Benefits of Fasted Training?

Being in a fasted state more often than the average person does today poses many health benefits along with giving you that extra edge in the weight room. While in a fasted state your blood sugar levels are low which means that your body is not releasing insulin which inhibits fat burning. Along with the increased ability to burn fat while fasted, there are also a few cognitive benefits. Focusing seems to be a difficult task for lots of people, many people who fast regularly, including myself, have experienced increased productivity during a fasting period.

The science behind this increased production is limited, but from my own speculation and what I have read, I have come to this conclusion… While fasting after a couple days of getting used to it, productivity increases due to the fact that you are not worried about eating in the next couple hours so that's one less thing on your mind. There is a book you should read based on the concept of only focusing on One Thing at a time, check out the books page for more information. Besides not having to worry about food, your body is also primed to function properly because there is no food being processed which can often cloud brain activity. For example, have you ever had a meal filled with carbs or even just a big meal and then noticed you just wanted to lay down and go to bed. This is because food requires a decent amount of your body's energy to digest which reduces your bodies ability to focus all your energy on your brain activity.

IMPORTANT: If you struggle to gain energy without eating before you train, it may be worthwhile to try a Pre-Workout supplement prior to training.

For more information on the different types of fasting check out 3 Types of Intermittent Fasting and Their Benefits.

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  • Teresa Freeman

    i’ve always done this since eating before hand makes my stomach upset and i did not see any marked results from it .. i get a great afterburner for hours afterwards but weigh stays stuck

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